Hey all, i have been reading some of your posts and wish you all a speedy recovery. I had tonsillectomy about 6 months ago to help me with my sleep apnea and while it has made a big difference to my sleep quality it has i believe led to other sideeffects. One of the things that it seems to have made worse is my constipation. I dont know why this may be the case but i have a theory. Contrary to some people’s view that the tonsils are usless, healthy tonsils do actually have a role to play in the bodies immunity.
They help filter out pathogens in both the air and food. Now with my tonsils removed this extra bacterial load is moving further into my stomach and gastrointestinal tract. This i beleive is causing me some of my symptoms. I know that this post is not strictly related to tonsillectomy recovery but i would like to see if other people had similar symptoms and how they went about dealing with it. Personally i am making sure i cook my food thoroughy as well as using an air purifer at home and also a wearable one to work. So far it has made a moderate difference but i am still suffering from constipation. It needs to be pointed out that i have suffered from constipation before but it was fine for a period of months before the operation and suddenly after the operation it became worse and i have been dealing with it for the last few months.

Can anyone share their experiences with tonsillectomy for sleep apnea?
Thank You