I was currently dating this lady For about 8 months I'm 34 she's 40. She has two sons one aged 10 the other age 14. In the time that I was with her I had started to realize that her and her oldest son were very close. It didn't seem odd at first But the more time I spent with them I started noticing awkward little incidents. The way he would act around her the way he would kiss her on the cheek or try to kiss her on the mouth the way they hugged was very weird. She would always tell him that it was inappropriate but it made me wonder if I wasn't there would it be inappropriate at all. On a couple of occasions He had slipped up and told me that sometimes he sleeps in his mom's bed with her, And sometimes when they would sit next to each other I would catch him rubbing on her neck playing with her hair or rubbing on her legs. They only have two beds and they are doubles So it made me wonder how often this happens. As time went on she ended up giving me a key to her apartment, and as more time went on it only got weirder and weirder and something in my gut told me that something was just off. So one night on a weekend when her youngest son was at his dad's and only the two of them were there, I took it upon myself to go over there and use the key and go inside, it was about midnight. When I walked inside there were no lights on. So I went into the bedroom and there was nobody in there. So I listened and I realize that the shower was running I opened the door to the bathroom and saw that they were in the shower together. I was extraordinarily shocked, and I didn't say anything I just turned, walked out shut the door and left. Totally shocked at what had just happened. The next day I went over there and I didn't bring it up and I didn't say anything. I should have left right there but I just stuck around And kept trying to find some sort of reasoning for what I had witnessed. As another month went by I just kept noticing more and more how very close and how they where very affectionate towards each other. I think I was in disbelief. So once again the following evening at around midnight, On a Saturday I took the key and once again went into the apartment. It was a very similar scenario all the lights were off Except for the TV in the bedroom. When I went into the bedroom they were both laying in the same bed and finally I spoke up and asked what the hell was going on. I tried to pull off the covers But she was just screaming at me telling me to get out or she was going to call the cops. So I did, but before I left I managed to pull off some of the cover to see she was only wearing a thong and a shirt, and he was only in boxers. We have more than broken up since then as you could imagine. I should of left right away in the first place. Now her and her two sons of void me like the plague And we live in the same apartment complex. I can't pretend I didn't see what I saw but I have no idea what to do about the situation because No One Believes Me. There is no telling how long this has been going on and there is no telling how long it will continue to go on for I just know that it is wrong and disgusting.I tried talking to CPS I tried talking to the local police department but they both told me without any proof it's all just hearsay. I have no idea what to do.