Every time my partner and I have sex, I get either a stabbing or burning pain during the intercourse...and even with finger foreplay. A day or two later, I get twinges of pain in my lower abdomen, then painful urination with a strong odor, and constant incontinence for a week. I know these are all signs of a UTI, but I don't know why this keeps happening. I have always done what my doctor told me to prevent UTI after sex. He is large in length, so we use positions that don't allow him to penetrate too deep. In between every round of intercourse, I use the bathroom and either wash my vagina with a washcloth or jump in the shower. I do kegel exercises everyday to help with bladder control; drink so much water my urine has no color most of the time! And many of the other tricks to prevent a UTI, but every time I see my partner without fail I am back on antibiotics and cranberry juice and running to the bathroom because I have to urinate every 15 mins and can't hold it even for a minute or else...and sometime while I am running the or else happens. This last time the UTI was just about to enter my kidneys before my doctor proscribed me antibiotics that finally cleared it up.

This is happening way too much! Nothing my doctor says for my to do is helping! Please, does anyone have any suggestions?...other than "stop seeing the guy" because my doctor already made that suggestion. :-(