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Hi, please chime in if you can. I'm 36 and have various stomach pains/burning throughout the day from right above my belly button to my throat. It is the worst if I am under a lot of stress. In fact, my stomach immediately starts burning if someone yells at me.

My whole life, my stomach has burned, and eating would make that go away, so I thought that is what hunger was.  I couldn't image people who could forget to eat or miss meals. Now, eating/drinking doesn't help. Also NOT EATING DOESN'T help. Either way, I have pain/burning. I love to eat, and have a huge appetite, but I try to keep it check. It is hard because eating before would always take the physical pain away. Even thinking about food starts my stomach/throat burning and it used to be eating would help it.

-H. Pylori - Negative and also took meds to kill it.

-Gallbladder Removed (additional pain on the right stopped, but pain in the middle has not)

-Gastric Emptying- Negative

-Ultra Sound/Upper GI - Showed strong Reflux (but PPIs/Anti-Acids DO NOT help)

-Stomach Ulcer Negative (took Carafate and then Aloe Vera with no improvement)

-Thyroid - Negative (but I am constantly cold unless it is 80 degrees, otherwise I have to use sweaters and blankets 72 degrees)

-Slight dairy intolerance

-Burning is MUCH worse if I have ANY Vitamins (Ester C, Multi, Etc.) even with acidophilus/good bacteria

-Joint Pain

-No energy

-Chest pains

-Cavities in my teeth (throughout my whole life), sensative teeth/enamel erosion

-Mild Asthma

-Stomach makes gurgling sounds and I burp A LOT but the burping doesn't make the pain go away.

Still have huge appetite but am trying to stop eating to see if it help..still have the burning. Avoiding caffeine, dairy and gluten doesn't seem to help. It is hard to concentrate on my job/life with the pain (which sometimes is a cold feeling up to my throat) and burning in the stomach. Having weak coffee with lots of milk seems to allow me to go the longest (a few hours) without burning.

My doctor may schedule me for a reflux test to see if it is acid and/or bile reflux. Has anyone had surgeries to help with this or have this issue?










I went through exactly the same scenario, i was tired and when i got hunger pains i thought thats how hunger must feel for everyone and i like you ate my food to remove the pain and generally i would feel a little better after. But at the end of the working day would crash out on reaching home on the bed for 30 mins until dinner time. Then would eat and feel better, this pattern went on for about 10 years maybe longer. These hunger pangs and tiredness and lack of motivation and being negative due to my health put me into a unpopular category somehwhat, because when that feeling happened, it was like all my eunthism dwindled, and just wanted to go home or eat, but even after eating it took a while to get to 'normal'.

Basically i used to think why are other people enjoying there life, and why are they so happy and then it clicked must be something wrong with me. Basically did research on the internet, took some pepto bismol, took a PPI capsule - and that night slept so well. Then after that went to the doctors and they prescribed more PPI, and got a test done for h pylori. That was positive and took a course of treatment for that. Over the months i feel alot better and sleep better also, and feel better but stomach is still not 100%. So i am still taking the PPI medicine and also will look into taking manuka honey 18+




Hi, I'm going through something very similar to you, currently in the process of testing.

Did you find a solution/diagnosis?



I too have had this very same issue except my stomach blows up like a balloon. I did take a hot tea last night with Valerian in it and it took the inflammation away. I need to find out what h pylori is and see if that is something I might have.


Just wondering if you were able to find out what your problem is? I too just had my gall bladder removed...I had all the tests you had except the bile reflux test. All my tests were negative too. I had this constant burning and nothing helped; lots of burping and belching too. I tried PPI's but those didn't help either along with probiotics .....I tried cold brew weak coffee with half and half but now I may give that up too. My whole family had their gall bladders removed and I had lots of symptoms along with the upper shoulder pain; but I am three days out from the surgery and still have the same issues.....very depressing :(