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So I've been having sex with my boyfriend for a long time but seem to have almost no pleasure through intercourse, also when he puts it in too far or even his fingers in far it hurts. Is there something wrong with me?


I don't know how old you are but when I was a teenager I was very sensitive also. As time went on my body matured and I began to understand it better. One of the issues was even though my head was in it my body wasn't ready for sex or sex play. Once I started experiencing full arousal, i.e. swelling of breast and genitals with accompanying large amounts of wetness, and being with a lover who took his time to learn how to touch me there was no pain. Maybe take more time in your fourplay to get your body ready for sex. Ask him to go slower and try different positions. Missonary and doggy are standard but they can often be the most uncomfortable positions. Try being on top or laying on your side. If that doesn't work you might have a medical issue which would require your ob/gyn to check you out.