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Alright, a little nervous discussing this, but I have been searching the web and can't seem to find any answers I can rely on. Before I explain my situation, let me state that I am circumcised, and most of the information I have found relating to being sensitive are due to uncircumcised individuals who's head is sensitive because it's always covered by the foreskin, but I have been circumcised ever since I could remember, possibly since infantry. (Honestly I thought it was strange hearing about the 'foreskin' because I'd never known what circumcision was.)

Anyway, what happens is that the upper part of my shaft (just below the head, not the head itself) is very sensitive, whereas the head itself and the rest are rather insensitive and really don't respond to contact. The thing is, my girlfriend can give me a ha****b or oral and there's no sensitivity problem, in fact it's almost kind of numb to where I feel it, but it's not exactly 'stimulating'. But it seems that when I'm inside her, I am extremely sensitive around that portion, and I wind up cumming in just a few minutes whether I am ready for it or not. If I keep myself deep inside her, I can last for longer periods of time but soon as I start moving in any way that stimulates that section I cum, sometimes I don't even feel it coming until it happens. Usually I will cum right as she's about to and it can really be a mood destroyer and it's frustrating me more and more.

Sometimes it stays hard and I can keep going for a little bit after but most times it starts to go limp immediately when I cum to a point where it doesn't go down in size, but it's just big and puffy... like a teddy bear.. and though she can still feel it, it's kind of frustrating to her when I'm hitting the right spot then suddenly I go 'limp' because I finished without warning... and the worst part is I still have my sex drive and I am nowhere near exhausted and I want to keep going, but it's like he has a mind of his own.

One thing that may cause problems with this, but that I don't believe is the source of the problem, is that she is Asian and has a smaller body and as a result she is very.. very tight.. so small that I have to spend at least 45 minutes or more of foreplay to make she is wet enough and stimulated enough for me to be able to get inside.. And usually going inside her hurts me as well as her, because it grinds against my skin. Now the fact that she's so tight makes the sensitivity worse. Of course once I'm inside neither of us feel how tight it is...

The reason I don't feel this is the problem is because the woman I was with before her.. (my first...) was actually pretty loose, it was still kind of hard to get inside, but when I did, I almost didn't feel anything, but somehow I still came very quickly even though I hardly felt anything, which really confused me, how could I ejaculate without feeling any stimulation? Both of them are asian so maybe it is the fact that they're so small.. I have never had sex with anyone else, so I thought it was normal, that maybe it would get better with time, but they both acted like it was very odd, especially the one I am with now.

The woman I am with now, over the period of a month.. sometimes twice a day we would have sex... but she was always so tight.. and I always came so fast except when we were drinking. The nights we were drunk I somehow managed to last for a couple hours.. but while sober, I could only last for a couple minutes in most positions..

I don't know what it is.. is it because of something physical, is there something I can do? Or is it a mental thing? like maybe being subconsciously frustrated at how long it takes to get inside...

(Oh and on a side note... Her vagina is rather shallow.. I have an average length penis, far as I know, I don't go around comparing penis sizes with other guys... and most positions we can't do because I will be digging into the top of her vagina.. I can't do doggy style, she can't sit on top, we can't do any positions that I go all the way inside of her.. or positions that she's used to because I'm too long.. Geez I swear I feel like the only guy to curse his penis for being too long and too wide for a woman.. -.- Is there anything that can be done to help with that, or are we just going to have to keep living with just a couple positions??)


Ok, here's the bad news, you're normal.

Welcome to the world of physics - among other things - cos you are stretching the limit of what you and they find comfortable, but you're adults (I hope) so that's your choice.

The particular positioning of the sensitive spot is about where your foreskin would have begun, it seems, so may be particularly sensitive because basically it is 'inner' skin healed, vs the natural outer skin of shaft and head. In any case, it doesn't really matter.

We're all blessed with 'magic' spots - things that for no obvious reason just trigger pleasure, orgasm, whatever. That spot behind the head, the ridge behind the head, wherever - for some it's the anus (sorry), there are women who come from having their breasts stroked, their nipples sucked...

... a lot better than the other way around and not coming.

The long and short of it is: you've found a great way to come, you love it (I hope), so add it to the repertoire (by the way, it's infancy, not infantry... unless you really were circumcised when you joined the army!!! typo, I'm sure.)

You clearly like asian, they're tight, you're going to have to deal with it - learn how to be a good lover with a tight vagina getting in the way.

Women do not have a job-done-sleep reflex, you do: so basically, give them so much pleasure while you're 'safe', fingers, tongue, penetration but not moving (deep, as you discovered, is safe), let them ride you, etc, so that finally they're crying, moaning, and limp, and you can finally have your ride, if you haven't lost interest by then...

... alternate: let them give you a ha****b or blowjob to get started, then work on them, then have a slower final session.

Most women would argue men are selfish, ignorant, and don't know how to please a woman. The quid pro quo is, most women don't actually know how to please a man either, so don't go too far down the guilt trip, and waste a precious discovery: if you've found a sweet spot for you, see if you can find a sweet spot for her, but don't feel bad or suppress your pleasure just because it's frustrating - learn how to have that pleasure in a way that isn't frustrating.

Still, of all the things to learn, you've got to admit, that's one of the nice ones to have!