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Im a 19 girl and for the first time last night had anal sex with my bf. We regulary have vaginal sex but he wanted to try something  new. We talk and did research on anal sex, kind of. He started by fingering my butt, we didnt have lube so used lotion. It felt good with just his one finger. He then tryed two but that hurt so he went back to one. Then I had this sudden urge to use the bathroom, I thought I was going to poop myself. I didnt but sat on the toilet for a while just feeling pressure. I went back and we continued. i felt back because it was really turning him on so I told him to put it in. He lotioned up and we tryed doggy style he went really slow but it stung like a b***h. So we stoped and tryed me on top again going really slow and me having the control. He hurt less and we eventually got it all the way in. But the lotion dryed up and it hurt to move, and again having the feeling to use the bathroom. he pulled out of me and i went back to the bathroom again nothing happened. i went back and he lotioned up more and we tryed missonary. It stung less and slowly we got it in. He went slow and it eventually felt great, of course he cam fast because of the tightness. 

But now my butt stings and I cant use the bathroom just gas comes out but i feel like i have to go. Is this normal I play on trying anal again tonight.

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