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for three years now i've had horrible pains every morning especially. recently these pains have gotten worse and prolong into the afternoon and night. Most of the pain occurs in my colon area below the belly button but recently has increased up to my stomach region (burning). This only happens once in a while though. I will use the restroom (#2) at least 5 times within one hour in the morning...recently, it's burned. between the perenium and the rectum there is a small, sore mass that could be hemorrhoids?? It's very painful but does not itch. My anus has been swollen since yesterday and I find it very hard to even use the restroom because it hurts to push at all due to the swelling. When I need to use the restroom I start shaking and I sweat Mostly from my palms and will get cramping pain that especially hurts when i push on the inflamed area...I have excessive gas. I was told i have IBS, but all the medications I've tried fail to work. Sometimes there is blood on the toilet paper, but not usually in the stool. I've gone to a gastroenterologist but all the tests failed to conclude a result....??? I dont know what to do but having this horrible pain that will NOT subside for 3 years now is making me want to die...


You could see another gastroenterologist for a second opinion.

It sounds pretty much like IBS to me (I also have it all my life).
The doctor will exclude more severe problems like Crohn's
or ulcerative colitis. Ask the doctor about the newer drug,
tegeserod (Zelnorm). Antispasmodic drugs should reduce
the spasms and cramps, antiflatulents like simethicone help
you to break up and expel the gas and gastrointestinal regulators
like domperidone (Motilium) and metoclopramide should help
the colon to function more properly. I've been having lots
of gas too these few days too, and I constipate a lot.

Regarding the hemorrhoids, the gastroenterologist can also
check that out. If needed, he could refer you to a general or
colorectal surgeon for further treatment. If mild, he could
try rubber banding, or infrared photocoagulation. Bigger
hemorrhoids will need surgery, ask him about the harmonic
scalpel. I also have hemorrhoids - had surgery three years
ago, and now already they are recurring - there appears to
be an anal tag there. I have also been having anal itching
these few days and need to see the doctor about that too.
Hope I don't have an anal fissure.

You should see a doctor soon, since the pain is so bad
and you are even having trouble defecating.

Don't worry, things will turn out better for the two of us.