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i am uncircumcised, and not very comfortable with pulling my foreskin back and forth. Early i do not have such problem but suddenly i have this. It started after masturbation without lubricant and it is painig when i pull my foreskin but other time I dont have. However, I do not have problem in masturbation with foreskin. I dont feel pain when masturbate with foreskin covered glans penis. But when i masturbate with exposed glans i feel pain in the join of the foreskin. I feel if I have same problem when i have intercourse. Please tell me what i need to do

Thank you.


You might want to go see a doctor.  If I understand you right, there seems to be some pain involved and it centers on the glans, in which case there may be a bacterial infection causing discomfort. If that is so, the doctor can recommend the best course of action. Continue to keep an eye on your penis health; the regular use of a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help maintain penis health. Look for a cream with vitamins D and E, among others.