I was working and I was folding the clearance section when I started to feel a pain by my lower abdomen(tell tell signs I was going to begin to have my period). As the minutes went by the pain increased to where I was started to hunch over in pain. Then out of nowhere I feel liquid burst out of my vagina. I quickly went to the restroom where the pain got worse and within 4 minutes in there the pain started to go away and after I was cleaning myself I felt something come out of my. I immediately thought it was a blood clot but when I looked at it I noticed this white bumpy tissue around the sac and it was about 3 inches long. For some reason I immediately thought it was a miscarriage but I am on the Depo-Provera(250 mg I am on it because i have ovarian cyst) and its been almost 3 months since I've had the shot. I cleaned myself up and lucky my corwoker had a tampon because part of me still thought it might have been my period. I continued to have pain ranging from 3,4,5 out of 10 for 4 hours. When I removed the tampon at home there was part of the clot hanging on there but part of the sac was a clear and i had never experienced this type of sac before. I am still bleeding but only when i am  wiping myself after urinating and my stomach still feel weird. This was 2 days ago.