Hi, Im 15 Yrs Old, & Ive also have had The pain. Ive Been getting it For about 4-5 Yrs Noww. I Hate it Soo Much. To Me It Lasts about a Whole Week, But like every other 2 months. My Pain, is exactly were y'all say its at, Around My Belly Button Area, but my pain is worse, I Can't Move Without hurting. I Lay On My Stomach, & Its hurts. I Bent Down, & It Hurts. I breath In, & It Hurts. Even When i Go To The Restroom It Hurts. My Mom ones though it was something that runs in the family, but it ended up not being it. She hasent taken me to the doctor cause she doesnt really care. As i read Some Of Y'all's Things, I noticed/read that most of Y'all, & Y'alls Daughthers are healthy, & In good shape, but im diffrent, im actually over weight.(Well thats what the doctors say) and i have that pain. (Confused). Well If Any Of Y'all figure out what this intriging pain is all about please inform me, & whom ever is also looking for an answer to questions. Thankk You Very Much -Jz