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I wondered if you could give me some answers or advice please.

I have had severe pain in my scrotum since August 2008. It wasn't the first time I had the pain. Back in 2002/3 I had a shooting pain in my right testicle when I ejaculated. It went away and I thought no more about it. In August of 2008 I felt the same kind of pain but it wasn't so much a shoot as it was an ache. It got gradually worse to the point I went to see the Doctor and they thought it was muscular. The pain increased until I had to go to the hospital one night and they diagnosed the problem as Epididymitis, gave me antibiotics, and I thought that would be the end of it. It wasn't. The pain got worse. A lot worse. Again I went back to my GP and they sent me for an Ultrasound scan. At this point I must inform you that both my wife and I were checked for everything at our local sexual health clinic (GUM Clinic) and came back with nothing. The Ultrasound scan found there were very big varicose veins in my scrotum and I was scheduled for embolization. I had 2 of them and thought that would be the end of it. It wasn't by this time the pain was so bad I had to drop out of college and have been on Cocodamol 30/500 since. They even put me on Tramadol but, as a recovering alcoholic, they we're too addictive and I returned to using the cocodamol. I went for another ultrasound and there is still a varicose on the right side and have been scheduled for another embolization. I do have another few concerns. When the pain gets really bad there is a shooting pain in my right testicle. It's almost excruciating. I have a localised pain in my lower right back. Now this is interesting: When I had my 2nd embolization for the vein on the right testi, they placed a wire into my neck, through my heart, and then down and into the vein which is associated with my kidney. When it got to this point the wire touched something and the pain that had been in my lower back was suddenly sharp and 10 times more painful. I have no idea what it was. I have spoken to my Doctor and a Urologist but still they seem concerned with other things. My Doctor tells me the Urology in Edinburgh is very under resourced and that's why it has taken nearly 2 years to get this sorted.

At the moment I am waiting for another embolization. The urologist put me on Ciprofloxacin and checked out my prostate. Looked good. Antibios have done nothing.

Not being a medical professional I'm finding it difficult to get my point across without rambling at the Doctors. They won't admit me unless I'm in immediate danger. So they send me home with painkillers. I do know my own body though, so if I can try and explain it in layman's terms for you:

It feels like the tubing in my right testicle might be blocked. It might not be and it could be the varicose vein. I don't know. But it really dose hurt! On inspection of my testi it's very tender at the very tip where the epididymis is joined. If I squeeze the testi a bit it's excruciating. It feels like there is something really wrong with the actual testicle.

Could this be because the tubing is blocked and the testicle is producing more sperm? What about some of the tubing being to small for the sperm to fit through? Is this a possibility? If it's not the varicose vein, epididymitis, or a twisted testi, then could you suggest anything else please? Perhaps a rare case?

Lastly, I want to point out that I am bisexual and I have had sex with men in the past. This was before I was screened for any STDs and when I was all my tests came back negative. Is there any chance it could be a colon problem because of this?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it finds you well,




I am sorry but i have no idea, i just wanted to say i feel really sorry for you :-( Sounds like thats pretty bad, some doctors just arent very helpful. I hope this all sorts itself out and you dont have to suffer any more pain because you seem like a nice guy. I know this isnt helpful and you were excited about the reply and then saw it was this so im sorry. But i just want to say i feel sorry for you buddy and i hope its all good soon.



I had a painful left testicle for years...went to the doctor and he explained that it was nothing to worry about...eventually went for an ultrasound....this showed no problem.....So I went to a naturapath/masseure and he examined the area and sain it was a little blockage in the vas deferens....he said prepare for pain and he pushed the blockage along the vas deferens. Later several of my ejaculations contained some hardened jelly-like lumps in my cum. The pain left me so I suggest that this naturopath knew what he was doing. Im very grateful to this naturopath for having the courage to "unblock" me. It hurts a lot but only for a slit second.


Hey wottz, I was very interested in your reply as I have had similar symptoms and also had an ultrasound which found nothing wrong. I only get the pain and swelling during sexual activity but it certainly feels to me like it could be a blockage in the vas deferens. Has it fixed your problem completely and could you give me any other advice? Thanks.