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I have been experiencing a sharp pain right in the top of my buttocks. Its a pain I have felt before but it is usually gone after a few days. I think I know what its from but Im not sure. When I was younger, I had a problem with wiping my ass after going to the bathroom. It slowly caused a couple boils to form on my ass. One was taken care of by a doctor but the other formed right at the crack of my ass. I was able to get rid of it. Now, when I look at the spot, I can see the scar from the boil. Thats right around where the pain is. It feels like that part of my ass is inflamed and it stings alot. Anyone have any ideas? Im going crazy.


It could be a pilonidal cyst I had these same symptoms and the doctor explained to me that it was a small hole and I had to put ointment on it for about two weeks and it wk away.