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For the past three weeks I have had pain in my upper left side right below my collor boneand center on my chest. Went to the doctor last week he seem to think i pulled a mussel> He gave me an ibprofenand a mild mussel relaxer .Nothing seem to work


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The most common things that are done with pulled muscles are icepacks, rest, compression and elevation.

Compression not only provides support for the injured area but it also reduces the bleeding and the swelling that usually occur. You could use any compression bandage above and bellow the area.

The injured area should be kept still, so you could try to get a sling or a brace to slow done blood flow to the area. Ice should not be applied directly as it may further damage the skin. Considering it’s been more than a week since the strain, I am not sure it would do you any good now. Anyway, just for you to know, ice should be applied for 20 mins every two hours for the first 72 hours.

It is important to avoid heat, so placing anything warm or going to the sauna, or spa is out of the question until you heal.

If you are still in pain, maybe you should go back and ask for an x-rays or something!