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O.K....since my wife and I got back into running I knew it was important for us to go and get fitted for some new shoes. The shoes I have are WAY too cushioned for someone of my size. But I thought while I waited for payday to arrive (tomorrow) we could still use what we have. Just run soft and don't over do it, right? So I have been running in my old shoes for 2 1/2 weeks now.

Well I noticed after Tuesdays run that the area to the inside and underneath of both my knee caps was feeling mighty sore. And I decided right then to not run again until I bought new shoes this Saturday.

But I'm still having pain 2 days later....should I be worried? Or just keep resting them and see how they feel this Saturday?



First off, just because you might be a big guy doesn't mean you can't have cushioned shoes. Now, if your running biomechanics dictate that you need more stability or more motion control, then you don't need cushioned shoes.

And yes, rest the knees. Knees are a very tricky and complex part of our anatomy so don't mess around with knee pain.

Do the R.I.C.E. - rest, ice, compression, elevation. Ibuprofen, when in your system, becomes an anti-inflammatory, so if you can handle it, do that too.