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I've been having sharp, stabbing pain every so often, on the left side of my torso around 4 inches lower than my armpit and towards my back an inch or so.. it's not pain in my back or my abdomen... it's on my left side.  My husband says it's in my rib cage on the side where it wraps around. It started out happening at night when I'd get up to go to the bathroom.  I'd take a couple steps and then bam!  It would be a sharp enough pain that I'd give out a yell.  It would repeat too.  Now, it happens during the day, every so often, as well.  It now bothers me at night while trying to sleep. And as I write this, it's now a dull ache.  Has anyone experienced anything like this?






Chances are you have pulled an intracostal muscle.  These are muscles between your ribs.  When you pull one or more of these it hurts like the dickens.  It's easy to pull an intracostal muscle simply by bending over to pick something up, misaligning your spine when you are sleeping (tossing and turning) or just twising your torso while standing.  I've done this a number of times.  The only think you can do is place some cold and hot compresses on the side that hurts for several day.  Sometimes, for me, it would take 2 weeks before it would go away.  I found that soaking in a tub with warm water works well.  That way your whole body becomes relaxed. One time I thought I had a kidney problem the pain so bad.  I went to the doctor and had biopsy done and I had no kidney problem just a pulled intracostal muscle.