I have had a slight pain/pressure in my lower-mid right side of my stomach. Sometimes it feels like a hard feeling and makes it difficult to scrunch my stomach to that side(as in when doing a situp).

I had it check 2-3 months ago, originally they thought it was kidney stones which it wasn't. Urine and blood work all came back fine.

In the past month I have somewhat secluded the intensity of this feeling to when I eat a meal, but the strange thing is it is not every meal, just some meals on some days, no rhyme or reason I can figure out but it is still there slightly all the time.

The pain sometimes feels like it is lower on the right side, sometimes up around the bottom of my rib cage or both. The best way I can describe it is it feels like my stomach is very small and just on that side and gets hard when it is full sometimes with a little pain, but always just uncomfortable.

Any ideas on what this can be or at least what I can tell the doc to look for? Thanks.