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For a week or two, a few times a day, I will have this odd sensation in my lower front right side of my tummy. Its close to my side, lined up with my belly button. Seems to be about a square inch or so in the feeling, maybe a tad bigger.


It doesn't hurt at all and only lasts for maybe 5 seconds. It feels almost like paper rubbing against my skin lightly, or if some other kind of smooth surface was on me. Sometimes i mistake it for a feeling of my shirt rubbing against me. Kind of a dull feeling. Again, never pain.


Its always in the same spot. I'm not sure if it happens after I eat, but I'm going to start tracking it tomorrow.


I have lost some weight this month (about 7 lbs). I'm a 27 yo female and have gone from 140 to 133~134. This is mostly because I was sick with a cold at the beginning of October (first time catching a cold in about 8 years!), and I also cut soda and a few other things from my diet completely this month.


I do sit a lot since I work/goto school from home. Could it be the way I'm sitting?


Thank you!



I am also feeling the same. Did you get to know the reason of this.