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I was just wondering if there's any facts, statistics and test reports of the benefits of collagen.

Thanks guys!


Hello chenxiang1,

Hope you are well.  Taking a collagen supplement particularly if you are a body building is important.  Best to take hydrolyzed collagen.  Collagen contains all the essential amino acids but is particularly high in the amino acids hydroxyproline and proline.  Taking in collagen collagen production in the body particularly in skin and bone.  Collagen is the largest protein in the body and a major component in connective tissue.  Connective tissue is the glu stuff that holds every cell, tissue and organ together in the body.  That's why it is called connective tissue because it connects everything.  As you get older, you make less collagen so its a good idea to supplement with it.  Bodybuilders use it as a protein source to build lean muscle.  So you can see it is very important.