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I've been having the most annoying pain under my left breast after giving birth. It comes and goes but it really actually hurts. It almost feels like a strain. The funny thing is is that i didnt breast and my milk is still leaking. I've also felt the same strain in between my shoulder blade and the top of my breast all on the left side. I'be been to the doctors twice and all the could say was that it was possibly a strain and just take it easy. They prescribed me pain meds and muscle relaxers but in all fairness they didn't answer my question of what was going on because it only gave me temporary relief. If there's anyone who has experience this please let me know and would like to know what did you do?


Hey!. I gave birth by Cesarean just 3 weeks ago and since that day I have had killer pain on my right side also. During the day its not so bad unless lifting etc. Once I am up I am up, Once I go to bed at night, I am down. It kills to move during the night.

I believe for me it was someone pushing on my rib cage during birth. I felt a lot of pressure on my right side. Its very upsetting as spending time with bub is not as easy as it should be. I am already in pain due to the surgery, rib pain wasn't in the contract haha!.

2 months later, I hope your feeling better? What did you end up doing? or are you still sore? did you just wait it out? I was told just to drug up until the 6weeks after birth then Ill have to go back to get Xrays to check for a fractured rib etc. Yippee!