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Hi All,

Well, I thought I would come on the board and see if anyone is experiencing pain when they ejaculate to orgasm. Let me explain the scenario. I am 47 and I feel compelled to masterbate because if I masterbate daily, I dont feel pain when I ejaculate to orgasm, but, if I skip 1-3 days, then, when I masterbate and ejaculate to orgasm, it is painful and the semen comes out in clumps and the volume is low... one time, I went about 2 weeks without masterbating and when I did masterbate, the orgasm was hardly felt and no semen came out...just a dribble...but, when I masterbate daily, the orgasm is not painful and I get a large semen volume.

Can anyone offer an explaination for this situation??



I used to have a problem when I got blood in my pee after I had sex... I got that cleared up because it was a prostrate situation the doctors helped me with, now no problem.

Clumpy ejaculate can be a result of diet... I had to change my diet as I no longer try to eat any beef at all unless that is all that is available. Sometimes you get invited to a BBQ and they are only serving hamburgers etc.

I eat lots of fish products now... crab, Ahi (red tuna) and so on... chicken and pork. Vegtables cooked with steamer, and fruits like apples, peaches and tomatos, lots of tomatos with everything.

See if a diet change does not help. It did me and now my ejaculate is more clear and not clumpy.