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On a Diet? Be sure that you aren't sabotaging your own diet by eating these top diet wrecking foods. We've listed the top 9 foods you should avoid on your journey to a healthier body.
On a diet? There are a few foods which you must avoid in order to stay on track. Dieting is the most popular method of losing fat, as it should be. Diet accounts for 70% to 90% of weight loss and gain. Being aware of what you are eating and how your body processes it is important and essential when dieting.

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5. Mystery meats: sausages, hot dogs, etc

Mystery meats are not the same as other meats. While you may feel that all meats have protein and this is good for your diet, mystery meats, including sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs and cold cuts are all loaded with unhealthy trans-fats, cholesterol and sodium. Avoid mystery meats at all costs! These have no nutritional value and are linked to all sorts of cardiovascular health problems.

6. Fried chicken (try baked instead)

Note that even though some meats are great, for example chicken breast, the method of preparation has a huge effect on the degradation of the meat. Fried foods are a big no-no if you're on a diet. These are loaded with trans-fats and have tremendously degraded protein. If its not nutritious, why both eating it? Find the best ways of cooking and preparation, like baking, which will slow cook food, helping to retain nutrients and preserve the benefits of the food.

7. Potato salad

Even though the word “salad” can be found in lots of foods, as it is in “potato salad” it does not make it healthy! Pasta salads and potato salad are loaded with fatty creams like mayonaise, and lack nutrition. They are also loaded with unnecessary carbohydrates.

8. Sugar drinks (iced tea/ lemonade)

It may be obvious to cut out sodas, but are you cutting out the other sugary beverages in your life? Did you know that iced tea and lemonade contain the same amount of sugar per serving as coke, pepsi and dr pepper do? These are major diet wrecking foods to stay away from.

9. Prepared meals (frozen dinners)

Regardless of what the label tries to sell you, if you are on a diet, frozen dinners are absolutely not allowed. These are typical fast foods which have preservatives, and lots of sodium and fat added to make them taste good. If you're on a diet, avoid prepared meals to keep your diet on track!

Often times, your motivation may be there to keep you on track, but the information we use to find the way is skewed. Knowing exactly how the foods we choose are used in our bodies is very important. With obesity rates continuing to rise, this is as imperative now as it will ever be. Stay on track by finding reliable, factual information and putting it to your best use!

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