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Hi i'm not sure if the person who posted the following message will read this since it was such a long time ago but i can't reply to that topic so here goes. I am 20 years old and Female. I'm slightly overweight and I do drink on a regular basis. The scary thing is that I, too, am on adderall . Also i am on levothyroxin as well. So I have always had a slight pain in my middle finger because i had gotten in to a fight a couple years ago and messed up both my middle fingers. I dont think that has anything to do with it but i thought i would mention it. So last night i cracked my middle fingers as usual which made them feel better. It was pretty late at night but i was hungry so i went to taco bell. Came home and ate. As I was eating I noticed that my pinky finger on my left hand was swollen and felt like i had punched something. I didnt think anything of it and thought it was just asleep. I head up to bed at about 2a.m and couldn't sleep because I was really itchy everywhere. This has been happening for a couple nights in a row and i just thought it was my blanket. So i wrote it off as nothing. This morning I had to wake up around 9 cause my dad had someone come over to switch our dish. When I woke up both hands were swollen! But not my pinky on the left side or the index finger on the right. And my knuckles are extremely itchy as well as the tops of my feet. I have red bumps on top of my feet and knuckles and elbows and knees (those don't hurt though). I am not sure what the cause is though and it is extremely scary to wake up to a puffy hand and itching all over. If anyone can please tell me what is wrong or at least how to stop the itching and swelling I'd be very grateful. And thank you to whoever posted this below me. I'm thinking it might be drinking while taking adderall but i've been doing that for years now. I may end up going to the hospital and if I do i'll keep everyone posted cause i see a lot of posts about this.


I am 32 and mine started about 2 years ago. My middle finger looked like it was about to explode and hurt like hell. Went to the doctor and he told me to get X-rays, then test for RA. Due to no insurance test and x-rays were out of the question. Time passed and I had the problem every now and then but didn't do much about it because it would go away. Today I woke up and my thumb knuckle is about 3x the normal size. The doctor gave me Naproxin and antibacterial meds, oh and a shot in my behind. He thinks it might be a spider bite. Really? I think it's the same problem we are all seeking information on.
We need to get some information down to compare. Age, history (if any), occupation, race, ect...attacks, area, what meds they were given.....ect.
I'll start:
32, Female, white
light smoker, light drinker
Food / Bev Industry
history of migraines

meds: adderall (adhd) Naproxin and amox tr-k both for finger
right handed
middle finger and thumb worst
right hand purple and itchy with pain and swelling



Hi Honey! You are DEFINITELY Allergic to something - it's not the pills - as neither of these have these side effects! To get rid of this for now you need an Antihystamine - such as Benedryl! Then start writing down what you eat, drink, wear, and what happens after! Usually food allergies happen RIGHT AWAY! So perhaps it is somthing you ate last night - with the hand starting to swell while you were eating from Taco Bell! It does seem quite ironic! So start writing down EVERYtHING then when you need to, you can see your doctor and then he/she will be able to see what the correlation is! Also you could ask your doctor to send you to an Allergy specialist! You will be amazed at what you are allergic too! So good luck and health!


Hi, I had the same problem (hand and finger swelling, general aches and pains everywhere and fatigue). My blood tests revealed high inflammation levels about 18 months after problems started. Took 5 years to get diagnosis because skin problems became more serious then. Itching, swollen fingers and palms of hand followed by rash on both and elbows also. Diagnosis after DNA exams Psoriatic Arthritis. Hope this helps. When you suspect autoimmune disease you need to do Dna testing!


I have been on Adderall for 9 months and started to get pain in my middle finger and it started locking up in wich the doctor called trigger finger and was almost ready for surgery. I read a couple of post about knuckle pain and stopped taking my med three days ago and pain is gone. Get off
the adderal it is no good!!!