hello everyone, I first started getting panic attacks after about 1.5 years of smoking pretty much every night, then I started feeling on like I was short of breath and was afraid to work out because exercising made me get panic attacks so I quit smoking cold turkey. A month later I was still feeling short of breath and that was all I could ever think about so I ended up going to urgent care. Dr checked me out and concluded nothing wrong, he prescribed me depression medication, I took one when I got home and I started feeling like my skin was burning, I vomited, short of breath, shaking, I thought I was dying so I went to the ER, diagnosed with anxiety and a panic attack and got a referral for a psychiatrist which i decided i will not do.  Now it's been two months and feeling better (not completely recovered but so much better) and this is how; 

for those of you who believe in God, praying for peace and reading the bible during all those sleepless nights, vitamin B complex daily, 200 milligrams of L-theanine daily, *belly breathing* has saved me many times now from getting panic attacks when I feel one coming on, forcing myself to leave the house when I was terrified (still afraid to work out but I plan to make myself go to gym and go back to those situations). Telling myself it's all in my head, and finally keeping my mind busy.