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ive been smoking for the past year and have been smoking alot in that time.ive always had no problems with any panic attacks or any paranoia because in my mind i knew i was high of weed.until i had smoked some dank bud and only smoked ONE bowl and went inside.20 minutes had passed and i started to feel overwhelmed with all the feelings around me,couldnt stay still,very shaky,and mind racing.I was roaming around the house thinking in my head that someone was outside watching me and was going to kill me.i was even outside of my house trying to turn my light on,thats how confused/messed up i was haha.freaked out for a good 3 hours.for the next week or so i would always think about it and have these weird body trips and eye trips when i wasnt even on anything.felt like something was seriously wrong with me,got checked out and everything was fine the doctor after about 3 weeks of scared sh*tless of that happening again with bud i decided to smoke again.we had some tennessee kush and had a blunt and a bong ready.after that i began to get real shaky again and started to get somesort of a flashback of what heartbeat was racing like no other,no paranoia,but just heart racing and pure im putting off bud for bit and trying to find reasons why this is happening to me all of a sudden.If anybody can help with this,that would be really nice of you.


i think we just need to stop smoking weed! even though i been saying that im gonna stop smoking weed untill i die but f**k that sh*t im not gonna wait!