In 2011 I started having panic attacks. I mean the kind of attacks that bring you to your knees as you're praying that you'll be able to take another breath. The first one terrified me and I called an ambulance, certain I was having a heart attack and this was the end. Well, turns out, it was just a panic attack (the doctor said JUST). But they kept coming. Every 2-3 days I'd have a bad one. In between the attacks was constant worry wondering when the next one would hit. I probably went to the ER 15 times in 2011 thinking heart attack. Then a doctor told me that I would know when I had a heart attack. Over the next few years I learned some ways to talk myself down in a panic attack and they were happening less and less. Then I had a heart attack. No damage but it felt like a panic attack. I didn't go to the hospital until 3 hours after the chest pain started because now I was sure it was a panic attack. It was a mild heart attack and caused no damage. About a year after that my panic attacks had come back. Maybe one every couple of weeks. Then came another heart attack. This one from a blood clot that blocked the flow of blood to my heart. This one HURT. But I still thought Panic Attack. Does anyone have panic attacks and have also had heart attacks? I hate the idea of going to the ER for expensive blood work, EKGs, and x-rays every time I have chest pain. There has to be a way to tell the two apart. Can anyone relate?