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Ok, so I'm 14 year old male and obese. I'm trying to lose weight, but all of a sudden I get Panic Attacks about me having a heart attack. Any feeling I feel in my chest I start to freak out. I freak out so much that I convince myself to have all the symptoms and start to feel them. I don't know how to stop the attacks, or lessen the effects of them. I don't know what to do.



It's been well-established that a panic attack can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack, not only for the person experiencing one, but also for medical professionals treating them. In an acute attack like this, a proper diagnosis can be made that it is in fact not a heart attack and the patient sent on their way. But for the anxiety sufferer, the onset of a heart attack remains a real threat and those same symptoms will chronically plague them. So they might repeatedly seek medical attention, even if simply to "make sure" that there is nothing wrong with their heart. Before long, they are labeled a hypochondriac, and begin to feel that the doctor no longer takes them seriously. Most often, they are correct.

My wife has suffered from panic attack that manifested from different causes to what you are experiencing - so I don't know if the information I am suggesting will be of help to you - however well worth a look. 

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