Well i had a panic attack twice already :/, its been like 4months andi havent smoked pot.. I miss it, i want to blaze again, because i miss that high feeling.

So my first attack was when i was with my boy and we smoked 4blunts with like 6heads, and it was too crazy, i would take a toke and pass it and then i would chill and then the next blunt would come and ill take a toke and pass. it was liek that for hours it was good i was so blown, that when i took a hit of a blunt i didnt even feel it no more. So you know i was HIGH AS hell.. So everything was good i was on my blown mood, and then he goes and takes me home, he's going like 90MPH on a 30MPH street and im there freaking out cus i thought he was gona crash, and then he told me yo i cant take u home come wit me 2 REUP, so then i was like ok but hten i started to get scared, because of his speeding and then i thought i was gona get shot cus we were gona go reup some bud and negativity came to my head and i was tripping hard core, i felt like i was gona die, my heart was pounding i was shaking i thought i was gona die, so i get home and i had 2 g2 the ER .

then 3months later i decide, hey i wanna blaze see how i feel now, so i call up one of my boys and its 3heads 2 one blunt, they let me get as much hits as i want cus there not stingy and its my 1st blunt back. So then im there and im trying to think positive, it was good and all until idk what happe nthat i was like sh*t its happening again and im was tryipping again and i was screaming, andn othing man, i was tripping again just like the first time, same dying feeling. and i had ended up in the Hospital this time but my panic was going away when i got tehre cus i felt safe.

So yeah, can you die from smoking pot btw? What should i do? sMOKE reggies for now and take less puffs