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My mother is 87 yrs. old and I believe she is in a involutional paranoid state. She always accuses me of sneaking into her house and taking things, putting things back, moving things around in the house, and believes that she actually sees me in the house during the night. What can I do to help her and myself?


Hello there,

Unfortunately you have the same problem as my best friend. Her mother suffers from the similar condition. She was accusing her whole family, including her children that they want to poison her. When they have took her to the doctor she was acting normal so the doctor accused her children that they want to lock her in. after few days same situation happened but this time the doctor has decided to keep her on observation. She freaked out and she has jumped through the window on the first floor. Luckily she end up only with broken heals. Afterwards she was diagnosed with paranoia.

When she is drinking her medications she is fine but it is hard to live with this. The best thing you can do is to take her to the doctor and hope that she will take her meds.