I had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove one parathyroid gland. It had an adenoma the size of a kidney bean. The doctor indicated that I may have had this for 5 to 10 years! Right after surgery, I felt pain free. It was truly a miracle! However, the next day and every day since the operation, I still have many aches and pains in my bones and joints.  Blood calcium shows 9.7 one week and two week post op. My question is how long does it take before I will feel better? Does the level of Calcium of 9.7 affect how I feel? I'm taking one calcium gummy per day.  I was going to take more but because of the calcium level, doctor said to back off. I wish I felt like I did the day after surgery. I know it's only been two weeks so I'm probably not giving it enough time. Thanks for any input.