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Husband has had symptoms of hyperparathyroidism, in looking back for quite a while.

Had elevated Calcium and PTH, but negative Nuclear Med Scan.

Had parathyroidectomy, one "bad" gland. Some of symptoms gone, but not all. PTH  and Calcium now normal.

So, you can have hyperparathyroidism with a negative scan.

Maybe lower resolution of image, or technique or?

Hope all get helped, hang in there and be persistent!


Not sure what your question is, but if you are referring to sestamibi scans, yes, there are many problems associated with quality, interpretation, etc. 

It took a long time for your husband to become ill & for his body to develop problems. It will take awhile before all those symptoms resolve, depending on how much damage has been done to his body.  Six weeks is not really that long for his body to heal completely. 

I hope these resources help a little. Good luck to both of you. He's lucky he has you in his corner

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