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hello..!i am 15 i know my mom da loves me..but from last 1month i have a boy best friend he understands me alot and that's why i hangout a lot with him..but my mom thinks we got sothing different relationship..but i wanna make her understand that there's nothing bad if a boy n a girl are best friends but she never understand she cried a lot because she thinks am totaly changed i she thinks..i hate being arround them but i wanna make her understand nothing's like we dont talk properly with each other..i want make her know that i respect her a lot but she dont understand where's my happines.....she only think of people...! :(


Maybe you should have a nice long conversation with your mom and make it clear to her that nothing is going to happen between you and your guy friend. Perhaps you should do things for your mom to let her know you appreciate her very much and don't forget to tell her that you lover her. As much a possible. Gradually bring up to conversation that you are growing up and you are going to need some space. But also try to birding up that she was once that age also and she should remember how difficult life was for her At the time. Hope I helped, but that's all I've got.