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I was diagnosed with pcos for a few years now and have been attending a fertility clinic in nc for almost a year now. However, I have not had much success. It's been one thing after another. I started the injections to ovulate, then found out I had tubal blockage. I underwent surgery then had to wait a month to start up again. This past month I finally ovulated and now waiting to find out my results. If my results turn out negative, I don't think I can continue seeking help at the fertility clinic due to the cost. I have used up all my savings and some. Is there any kind of assistance for individuals with pcos seeking to get pregnant. My clock is ticking hard. I'm almost 37 yrs old and desperate to have a child. We were trying to conceive on our own after I ovulated due to the high cost of IVF. Please give me any information possible. I greatly appreciate it. :'(


Well have you tried IUI? I talk to a Dr. in Raleigh and IUI costs $1100.