hi you guys
Since last December i've had 3 uti's. December was fever, not bad uti. Then got another one in July, same as Decembers. Then just got one this past thursday A SEVERE one, this one was like no other. I've looked around those boards but none of these have related to me. there was a pain as in knives stabbing me and when that pain came in a jolt would go through, blood would come out of my vagina. This is NOT period because I don't get a period I've had a IUD for about 3 years.

I've gotten the IUD checked they said everything looks fine. I've taken every precaution in order to prevent the utis from happening. I went to the dr, got checked they told me apparently my period had a break through, but to be honest I feel like that isnt correct, something is going on. Please help if anyone has had anything similiar to them happen. I'm very scared.