I've taken birth control pills for 7 years. I have made mistakes in the past, but not in the past few months. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend several times throughout February.

My withdrawal bleed normally starts on a Wednesday. I had withdrawal bleeding on Feb 2 and was expecting to start again March 2. However, I started getting pink/brown discharge on Feb 26. My stomach became bloated, my breasts swollen and tender, I started feeling nauseous and fatigued.

I went to my PCP on March 1 and had a negative urine test. I went to my gyno on March 2 and had negative urine and blood tests. I did an Equate HPT (blue lines) with FMU on March 4 that turned out negative. Later that day, my discharge became red and bloody. I thought I had my "period". It wasn't normal though--it only lasted from Friday afternoon until Saturday night, was so light that I didn't even fill one pad, and was really just blood tinged mucus.

I took another of the same HPT with Sunday FMU and got a thin, faint positive line. I took another of the same test that afternoon and got a negative. I took another test this morning with FMU and got a negative.

I am going to try to get a blood test from the gyno today. I am still having the same symptoms. Any ideas on what's happening to me?