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I know that many women experience bloating, mild cramping and slight backache as pre-menstrual physical signs or symptoms. Anyway, my doctor told me that as the uterus grows, these sensations might also be associated with early pregnancy. That is why I want to hear if anyone could tell me for sure answer to my question. Can you have cramping before period, but possibly be pregnant in the same time?

I am 26 years old and my husband is 36. I have been on Clomid from January 9th to the thirteenth and then an estrogen pill until the 17th when my RE gave me a HcG shot as I suffer from pcos. I have been having mild tummy cramps, gas, bloating, constipation and back aches since Thursday the 19th.  My back aches wake me in the night which isn't weird to me a day before and during my period and that I had a back injury a couple years ago but doesn't bother me until my period comes about. My period started on the 5th of January and will more than likely have my next on the 5th of Feb. I went in for an ultrasound on the 19th and they spotted 4 healthy ovaries 20mm and over.

Can someone please give me their thoughts and could it be a good or bad sign. After trying for 3 years and just got diagnosed with PCOS in December... I go into the Dr. on Wednesday for another ultrasound to see if I need to take anything to thicken my uterus walls to help with the implantation. Please help!


I would see your doctor and try a pregnancy test. But a blood test might be a better option.