:-( Hello my I'am 19 years old and have been trying to conceive for about 1 year already. I had cryosurgery done about 4 months ago because I had irregular periods...(I don't know if it affects my chances of getting pregnant) after the cryosurgery my periods started coming every month normally last. Last month (December 12, 2008) I was supposed to get my period and it didn't come so I asked my sister if she got hers cuz we were due on the same day and she said she got it.Ever since the then I've been having painful cramps and frequent bathroom trips. Today Jan 12, 2009 I had a little bit of brown discharge and 4 hours later I had a lil bit of bleeding I haven't took a pregnancy test cuz I have a drs appt in 2 weeks but some advice wouldn't hurt right now...can I be pregnant , do I have any chances or what's the problem......PLEASE HELP I'AM VERY SCARED AND NERVOUS!!!! :-(