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Hi, so im 13 and i have had my period before and No i have not ever had sex. But heres the thing, i havent got me period in 2 months. I havent told my mom because she will freak and assume ive been having sex and wont believe me if i tell her i havent. Oh! And i cannot go to a doctor because my mom will find out and flip on me. So idk what to doo. I asked my best friend if its normal and she said yes its normal to skip 1 month. And ive skipped 2... Also i got cramps once last month so i thought i would be getting my period but nnoooo. Anywho, please help... Im quite worried


ok love dont be scared to talk to your mum love and worrying about something you havent done is not good love.

you may have pcos  that will stop you haven periods of you can get 1 once every 3 months for longer thats why you should talk to your mum and go to doctors with her he can send you for a scan to look for that and help you with that but be warned you can still get pregnant if you do have pcos its harder but posable your a good girl love talk to your mum xxx she would be more upset if you didnt and see your doctor you need to find out asp love