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i am a teenager and i am afraid i could be pregnant. i am not sexually active but i havent had my period since the end of august and i have noticed some really different symptoms.

first of all i am not sexually active but i am afraid i might have come in contact with something, is this even possible?

anyway here are my symptoms:
- lower abdomen enlargement
^ worse after eating, with full bladder, or putting pressure on that area!
- it feels like my hips are wider or at least more noticeable to me and my right hip bone is sore to touch and occasionally with some movements. i feel like i can just feel the bones in that area more.. like in the pelvic area it seems enlarged.
- i have had some bowel problems such as constipation, bowel sounds, narrower stools with different odor and occasionally a upset stomach feeling
- my abdomen feels tender and i am not sure if something is wrong with my digestive system! when i put pressure on my ab muscles the area gets harder and i can notice if something is wrong under the skin.
- my vulva area is swollen but the pubic bone is strong under the skin(maybe enlarged around vaginal area)
- other symptoms are redness and red bumps, bad taste in mouth, fever or chills, swelling of ankles and other body parts, and then just a more tired and weird feeling.

what is wrong? i am scared! this can not be pregnancy right?
i do not seem to notice pregnancy symptoms but the missed period, abdominal swelling, and i have a soreness behind my breastbone it seems.

i think i have an infection that is affecting my digestive system, urinary system, or reproductive system. does this sound right?

i want some advice before i see a doctor and i am just wondering if anyone can help me figure out what is going on!


sweetie have you doctor check for ibs,chrons, and celiac disease (not scary trust me just food related)

i have all those symptoms and its just ibs, which they thought was celiac! dont be scared and ur not pregnant


Don't worry. Unless you are not telling the truth and you actually are sexually active then its impossible for you to be pregnant.