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Okay, I'm not sure this all falls under the correct catagory and I'm going to end up going into some detail but I really need answers so here goes;

I lost my viginity 2 and a half months ago to my current boyfriend, a week later I was diagnosed with cystitis but I was diagnosed quite late and it took some getting rid of (I used sachets from my local market, drank lots of cranberry juice and I took some cranberry pills), it took about 3 weeks to clear up but even now I still get the urgency to urinate as soon as I've finished urinating.

About 3 weeks ago I was having intercourse with my boyfriend and he is well endowed, we tried missionary with one of my legs lifted and it left me with a horrendous cramp in my right side which went down after a couple of hours but a day later I started having some back ache and hip ache, the pain was more dominating on my right side. 

A couple of days later I was stuck in bed for 3 days with a horrific cold and with me not being active, the pain in my back and side was horrific and I 'Googled' my symptoms which was a pretty stupid idea and it made me stress out big time with all the worst possible things that could have been wrong with me.

Usually when I ovulate my breasts swell and thats when I know my period is on its way, my ovulation week was the week I was stuck in bed poorly and stressing out about all the things that could possibly be wrong with me.

Today is my period due date (sometimes I am at least 2 days late, 5 at the most) and I have had NO symptoms of my period/ PMS including swollen breasts. However I do have the odd twinge in my abdomen and a splitting headache down the left side of my head, it burns as if I'm hungary/ tired and my hips are aching a bit. Could it be due to all this stress I've been going through?

Im also terrifyed that I could be pregnant as in my eyes right now, at 17, is the worst case scenario.

Can anyone please help me? :'(


the aches and pains could just be from vigorous intercourse. as for ur period, id wait maybe three more days for it to come, and if not, id buy a pregnancy test. My period is sometimes a week late, and thts just because periods are unpredictable in ur teens. it may be too late to tell if ur pregnant, but testing early is good because it can provide with options such as abortion (and im not saying thts rite or wrong. thts up to u) also, see a doctor! i can only imagine ur worry! i wish u the very best sweetheart!