Hey i'm 15 years old I've have unpretected sex, but no ejaculation
it didn't last long it just just a couple thrusts in and out, but i've
gotten figered a lot and then got a bladder infection.
i was told to drink lots of cranberry juice and i have been
it's working but my bladder infection isn't totally gone yet
my last period was november around november 12th
is my period delayed because of the bladder infection?
or is it becuase it's still irregular?
I only got my first period this year in end of august
or am I pregnant?
I hardly doubt it becuase of the bladder infection
but it's kind of late, I am worried
can anyone give me some advice?
also I just recently notices a bump in my vagina
it's kind of like a pimple
with white puss
it looks a little bigger than a pimple
could it just be in grown hair?
or can you get pimples down there?
could it possibly be something else?