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So i had some unprotected sex and thought i had an STD, a trip to the ER later theres nothing no infection to cause a UTI, no blood in the urine, no STD's detected and everything seemed fine after they gave me Doxycycline..few days later i get some bladder and urethra pain(near the head and deep in my pelvis, nothing really anywhere else) bladder is off and on just a few times a day but the urethra feels a bit warm near the end and if i squeeze a little way down its sensitive but it doesn't hurt when i urinate and only if i wait too long to go, or during intimate times until i get rid of that(it feels like a heavy feeling in my pelvis or that my urethra is swollen and being pushed outward), then its all fine again.

After the initial problem i didn't know i had, i had unprotected sex with my fiance and she got a bad yeast infection and thought it was chlamydia, but after the normal 2 pills that they give women to treat it she was fine after a few days.(also clean for all STD's)

my problems seem to be better but 4 or 5 weeks later i seem to still be having some pains and no diagnosis for anything it could be, i thought possibly a male yeast infection and have even considered cystitis or that its all in my head. I'm going crazy thinking that i may have nothing, but with the warmness of the head of my penis it just seems logical that theres some kind of swelling or something in my urethra that is causing my pelvis to hurt and some sore redness near the end.

i've been taking some cystex and cranberry tablets to help out and it seems to be ok but still obviously hurts at times, and if it wasn't an infection why when i took the 2 rounds of antibiotics did the symptoms go away?(i self medicated to make sure it was better)

Should i see a urologist and go further into debt or wait it out awhile longer and hope it goes away? it seems to get better if i dont think about it too much so worth a shot it seems to me?

I appreciate any help.


Did you ever get a diagnosis for this? I’m going through the same thing and I’ve wasted a lot of money going to doctors who say they can’t find out what’s wrong