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I am 50 years old, 5'10" 156lbs. After excercising rather strenuously for an hour on my cross trainer somtimes my fingertips and toes, predominatly my right hand, are numb. Today they were numb for a few hours afterwards and they were pale. I think it is related to circulation. Should I be worried?


this may be due to several reasons,the most reason giving sense is because maybe u have low levels of Calcium either by neglecting it's intake or due to it's loss from your body by drinking alot of Sodas/Soft Drinks/Tea & Caffiene Drinks , so u must absorb alot of calcium from the Dairy Products and stay away from Sodas and Colas.

It might be caused due to alot of sexual ejaculations too,but It seems that reason number 1 is the one u faces.


sorry mate, I though it was something else ....

The rit reasons is :

# Remaining in the same seated or standing position for a long time
# Injury to a nerve
# Pressure on the spinal nerves
# Lack of blood supply to an area

Or Because of:

* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Diabetes
* Migraines
* Multiple sclerosis
* Seizures
* Stroke
* Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
* Underactive thyroid
* Raynaud's phenomenon

# Abnormal levels of calcium, potassium, or sodium in your bodythough of the wrong one ,sorry lol

# A lack of vitamin B12 or other vitamin
# Certain medications
# Toxic action on nerves, such as that from lead, alcohol, or tobacco
# Radiation therapy

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thx in advance