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For the past year I have had a problem with my tendon due to build up of scar tissue, and am now at the stage where I am beginning to strengthen the tendon using a resistance band.

How often is best in order to build strength in my tendon and reduce scar tissue? Is several times a day best, or would it be letter to leave a couple of days in between to allow the rest and recovery principle?

Does stretching reduce scar tissue?


I would suggest you tried getting rid of your scar tissue with a massage rather than stretching or in addition to the stretching.

You can do it yourself or have someone do it for you. It is said that only deep tissue massage will remove the scar tissue.

You should also focus on your nutrition because it play a big role in the breakdown of the scar tissue. YOur body would need vitamins and minerals to build tissue, create chemical connections, and carry away toxins.