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I've been lurking this forum for the last few weeks reading up on foreskin issues.

Since last month, I've noticed that the tip of my foreskin is white, as though the pigmentation is gone, since then, it appears that it has become a more bigger spread across the foreskin tip. I have made an appointment to see the urologist in less than two weeks, but the rate that the spread that the discoloring has occured during the last two days is worrying me. It was originally majorly on my left side of the foreskin tip, but now there seems to be an even ring, I'd say around 1cm of the tip of my foreskin.

I also cannot retract my foreskin to expose the head of the penis, I can see a hole (small ring) where I can see a bit of my head, the penis hole where the urine comes out however is covered slightly to the left, doesn't effect urination though (it does seem to flow slightly towards the right, but not too much to make a massive mess). I've been having this issue for as long as I can remember (I am in my mid 20s), this hasn't been a problem with sex, it doesn't hurt, though sometimes I find that I take forever to ejaculate, though I do think that it is unrelated.

In addition, to the right side of my foreskin appears to be fused to the glans, just a small piece of tissue, again, no pain or discomfort with sex, getting erection or urinating. I also noticed lately (last month) that my penis was usually moist, more so than before, a bit sticky on touch (the tip, the small opening that I was referring to on the previous paragraph), also a foul odor (but it seems to have been gone since I started eating a little more fruit). I masturbated last night and cleaned my self with tissue, I went to sleep and decided to "air" my penis out (no clothes, no blanket, have my penis exposed to the air), upon waking up today, the pigmentation discoloring has spread slightly, however, there was also certain patches of roughness and dryness of foreskin, after urinating, it appears the roughness is gone and it is smooth again.

GP didn't know what it was, he suspected it was fungus, but when I told him it only itches on very random basis, he said it might not be fungus. While I am seeing a urologist, I am worried about the discoloration spreading. I am ready for circumcision if it has to come down to it (I am pushing for a partial/loose, or whatever maintains the foreskin sensitivity), but the spread of the white discoloring is bothering me. Could it be Balanitis or Lichen Schlerosis? Maybe Vitiligo, but it is spreading rapidly.

Any sort of input? Is this reversible?



You're already speaking with medical personnel.
They can see what you're trying to describe.
You're seeing a urologist. I'd say you're already in the best hands possible.
Continue to consult your local medical experts.
That's better than trying to second guess over the internet.

And high marks for doing your research on the dorsal slit as opposed to a full circumcision. Perhaps that won't be necessary.
You might also include your age in any further posts.

Good luck.


The white spots sound like lichen sclerosis, also known as balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO). It is a disease of unknown origin. It can sometimes be treated with topical steroid ointment, but I regret to say that you may need a circumcision.


I am 81 years old with no more medical problems except hi blood pressure and ED