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My frenulum has just recently changed from a connection lower on the head to a connection to the head about 2mm away from the hole to the very tip of the foreskin when pulled back enough to expose the top of the head. I'm not sure if this is the frenulum or something else, but it is on the bottom of the penis and conencts to both the head and the foreskin and looks much like the frenulum found under my tounge. above the hole is a reddish extremely soft lump which is the same colour as the frenulum and looks like it grows from where the frenulum is connected to the head. The lump does not hurt at all.

I found out last night that i could pull my foreskin back to about exactly the back of the head. under the foreskin, i found LOTS of dead skin because i've never been there before. i cleaned all of it off and am cleaning it every night from now on.

So other than the lump on the head of the penis, my problem is that when i get my foreskin to the back of the head, i can't pull it back any further and I can see a translucent looking red flesh/skin which looks like it is connected/stuck to the penis and foreskin. From what I have seen in Porn, the foreskin can be pulled back all the way to the foot of the shaft, but hey, that's porn, it could be enhanced to do that. I have seen on some sites that the foreskin should come to the head and that's the limit, Could someone clear these things up for me? (Please read first paragraph too, there are 2 problems here if you failed to read the whole thing).


Hi guest,

You will notice changes in your body as you get older, especially your foreskin.

Up to about 16 or so it is very common for you not to be able to pull it back all the way. It is still separating, this is NORMAL. Since you can move it back to the end of the head it is separating. The skin needs to stretch to be able to slide further back, as you saw. Just by masturbating it will stretch. You can also use your fingers to spread the opening and stretch it gently. You don't need to hurt yourself but it may be a bit uncomfortable. If you do that often you will be able to "slide" soon. Cleaning will help stretch it too.

The dead skin and white stuff is called smegma. You do need to clean that out.

It is very important that you do not force your foreskin back. It can get stuck, it can hurt very badly, and you may need to see a doctor to get it back. Just go as far as you are comfortable.

As to the frenulum, it does connect the head to the foreskin as you describe. I'm not sure as to your description of the bump.

I would give yourself a little more time. I don't see anything in your post that seems out of the ordinary but others will probably also review it.

Everything looks good at this point.

Good luck.


thank you.
I'm not sure about my frenulum... I showed it to my dad (embarassing, but responsible) and he said it's nothing to worry about...


You're welcome.

Good for you for showing your dad. I know it was hard for you. I know he's probably feeling pretty proud right now that you went to him with something like this.

Take care.


The distance that the foreskin retracts depends on one's individual anatomy and the length of the frenulum. If the frenulum is very short the foreskin may not even clear the head. If the frenulum is longer the foreskin may go all of the way back to the base of the penis.

What you see in a porn movie may not be typical.

It sounds as though you have a semi-short frenulum that just lets you get your foreskin behind the head.