Hi. I've been trying to figure out what this is for a while now, as whenever I find something with similar symptoms, there's always something that doesn't match - mostly the fact that I'm not in pain - so I'm never sure what's going on.

Basically, every now and again (many times a day, mostly one after another fairly repeatedly for maybe half an hour or more, mostly after eating/late in the day), I get a weird sensation in my upper chest, just between my breasts. I genuinely don't know how to explain it, it's not bubbling or painful. It feels like an air bubble is growing there, sort of. After I sort of stretch my chest, rub the spot for a few seconds and breath in deeply the right way (I think it's the breathing that actually effects it), the spot gurgles and I feel it disperse. Then some air comes up my throat. After that, more air often comes up my throat a couple of times without the weird chest sensation. It's not like a burp, exactly, as it's silent and I could swallow the air back down. I don't as I'm not sure where it's come from entirely, and don't want to inhale the stuff I'm supposed to be exhaling, for I think obvious reasons. Sometimes the air goes up through my ears instead (which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but that's how it feels, like my ears are briefly plugged with air then it pops out. It's a difficult sensation to describe) afterwards. Sometimes, on what I'd class as smaller 'air bubbles' (or whatever they are), the air doesn't come back up at all, and I assume either continues to my lungs or comes up in such a small amount its not noticeable.

I deal with air hunger pretty much constantly (probably due to anxiety), so I did wonder if that had something to do with it, due to the different way I have to breathe because of that. Otherwise, I've no idea. I've heard of GERD and LERD, but I don't have acid reflux or any sort of pain, so don't really know if it is one of them. Neither my diet nor exercise habits have changed recently, but a little before this started (like October) I had a nasty case of food poisoning and threw up none-stop for about eighteen hours, which is maybe related, or might not be.