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Hi everyone

I foudn out that I had polycystic ovaries about 3 months ago after not having a period for 6 months. The doctor gave me some metformin to take for a month and that was it, I believe I'm going back to hospital for check up in the new year.

I have not had a period in over 6 months btu 5 days ago I had a sudden awful pain on my lower left side, I could barely walk. At the same time I started bleeding but it was just old brown blood. I have had constant pain since then but hasnt been that bad. Just today the brown blood has turned into red blood.

I am slightly worried but should I be, could I just be having a period all of a sudden? I have heard stories of peoples cysts getting bigger and twisting so I hope the pain wasnt anything to do with this.

Can anyone help?

Thanks x



After being diagnosed with PCOS myself, I was put on Birth Control right away. My Periods came regular, and I haven't had to face any pain etc. My Fear is that you have had a cyst burst, causing the pain. Go talk to your Doc. They may be able to do something.

I'm not so sure the metformin will do anything for your periods, its more of a diabetic type drug, so need your hormones checked, and the proper birth control, to regulate things. I think you need to Talk to your Doc again.

-Canadian Girl