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My recovery has been anything but easy... Age 18

So Iam on day 7 of Recovery, and literally eeryday i have gotten worse. I now can not drink water, because it hurts wayy too much. And i can barely open my open, and can not talk. I cant even take my pain meds, in liquid form, because it burns so badly! So I am in a lot of pain and losing pound by the day.

Being dyhydrated is no fun either. If I had known that the recovery wouldve been anything like this I wouldnt have done it.

If youre considering it really think hard, because it is a tough tough road that takes a long time to end..


It's really important to be drinking water. Being dehydrated makes the experience worse. You should also try to eat.
I'm on day 13 of recovery and ate directly after surgery. I was never in too much pain to eat and I drank at least 2L of water a day. It's the most important thing; drinking that is.


I will admit, this recovery was anything but easy, but my experience wasn't as horrible.

I'm at Day 12, and I only have a few scabs left in the sockets of where my tonsils previously were. The pain did start to bother me quite a bit between days 5-8, but if got progressively easier thereafter.

The night post op, I had about 4 or 5 cups of ice water, and had one about every hour throughout that night because the pain for me was excruciating and I couldn't sleep a wink because my uvula was so large. The second day, I did about the same thing, but was able to sleep, so I only drank at night when I needed to take my pain dose, which was every 4 hours. But in the mornings I would drink about 12 ounces every 2 hours. By day 5 I was only drinking with my pain dose and that was also the same day I stopped the pudding and slimfast. And that was probably the most difficult psychologically. The not eating. I was extremely worried about bleeding since I had not experienced any, so I cut out everything, but some applesauce and one day I had a little cup of soup.

The pain was at its worst in the mornings, but I'd say it was completely manageable. I still have not bleed any, and my uvula has returned to normal size. The only thing that's super uncomfortable is yawning. Hurts like heck. But I'm dealing. I still haven't returned to eating like usual,but yesterday, I did have half a slimfast, but that was about it. I don't think it has anything to do with pain, but moreso, because I've lost an appetite for food having gone without it for so long. a week is life changing, I think.

By the way, I was on Tylenol codeine, which most people says doesn't work well, but it's worked quite well for me.

Good Luck!