Okay, well I'm thinking I could be pregnant. Unfortunately, I don't track my periods to a T. I remember having it in the latter 20's of last month (August). I should say however, my periods are very spaced apart (this is about as specific as I can get) I had sex three times unprotected with my boyfriend about a week and a half-two weeks after my period had stopped. A few days later, I got what seemed to be a yeast infection, with clear discharge. I also noticed small pink and sometimes red spots when I wiped, but only if I looked carefully. It is now the 15th, and I got what seems to be my period. I normally have a very heavy period, especially on the first day, and it is dark red. (TMI- sorry.) This "period" is bright red, barely requires a tampon, and just doesn't seem normal. I'm not sure if my period is being funky (which I've NEVER noticed before, and I'm 22) or if this could be implantation bleeding. Also, I had never gotten a yeast infection before, so that was strange as well. Any information, hints, or suggestions would be helpful. I think its too early to take a pregnancy test.